Dirty Socks and Pine Needles, book release 06.01.2012

The release date of my book of short stories Dirty Socks and Pine Needles is 06.01.2012!

You should buy millions and millions of copies and give them to everyone in the world — or you know, buy one for yourself and enjoy.

“Deeply personal and unabashedly confessional, Dirty Socks and Pine Needles deftly stitches the fractals of memory into something resembling a heirloom quilt – torn, ragged, stained and deeply loved.”  — Matthew Loney, poet

* I haven’t used this website to post much about my writing or anything — I’m not really great at blogging or really letting anyone know too much about what’s going on — but I’m going to start updating this thing more.

Check out SiblingRivalryPress.com — they have some really fantastic writers, and I’m proud to be a part of the press.

1 comment
  1. rilaly said:

    Congratulations Tyler! It looks like good book. I’ll have to keep it in mind on your release date!

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