book blurb from Ryan Van Meter!

“This short story cycle focuses an almost microscopic attention to
moments of our young narrator’s life and hints in beautiful and subtle
ways at the man-to-be. Gillespie shows us that in fiction, seemingly
ordinary scenes, like a spelling bee, a handwriting lesson or a
funeral, can be emblematic, reminding us too that in life, it’s the
certain—and few—small events, and not the cataclysms, that turn us
into ourselves.”

— Ryan Van Meter, If You Knew Then What I know Now

I’m really excited that Ryan Van Meter wrote a blurb for my book Dirty Socks and Pine Needles. I first heard Ryan speak on a nonfiction panel at AWP last February; he was ridiculously well-spoken and charismatic.

Ryan wrote the book If You Knew Then What I know Now  — a collection of essays that “reinvents the memoir with all-encompassing empathy—for bully and bullied alike.” His book was The Millions‘ A Year in Reading pick and part of‘s Writers Choose Their Favorite Books. He is a very talented and inspiring writer. You should check it out!


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