Writer’s Digest, [Oct. 2011]  — “Submission Workshop: ‘How to Get an Agent”

When Tough Decisions Didn’t Exist Xenith Literary [01.02.2011]

For almost a year after their wedding, my mother and father lived together in the backseat of friends’ vans and ate out of vending machines.

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Nothing but Net National Down Syndrome Society [04. 05. 2011]

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Gillespie is currently seeking representation for his completed memoir, Elbows Off the Table.

The memoir details his relationship with his brother who has Down Syndrome. The memoir takes place over the five month time span in which he lived with his mother, grandmother, and brother  in 2010.The narrative is written more like a novel, through pacing, tone, and flashbacks

chilled, like our champagne — Burning Word [04.12]

“Remember that time when we were in Target, and you put a bottle of champagne in the refrigerated section, because we wanted chilled champagne (the only way I’d drink it) and Target only had room-temperature champagne, so we needed to chill it ourselves?

And the champagne bottle blended-in with the wines and we laughed because we thought that this was true about most people and things (they blend in).

And we left Target and came back to the store two hours later and the champagne was cold.

And we laughed when the cashier asked us about it.

And we drank the champagne from sippy-cups.

And you told me that you loved me, but I didn’t listen because you always say things like that.

And I don’t believe you.”

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  1. Caitlin said:

    I read the opening to “Elbows Off the Table” in the October issue of Writer’s Digest and I hope you are able to find a publisher. I wanted to read what was hidden under the orange box!

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